FAQ's About selling gold On-line

We have included some of the more frequently asked questions. We hope that these will help answer any questions that you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How long does it take to get paid?

We generally pay within one business day, although at times it could be the same day as delivery depending on your payment option.

+ How do i ship my gold

We prefer that you use the USPS. Start by placing all of your items in a plastic bag, along with some sort of packing material, torn up newspaper or something to fill the bag. Then visit the Post Office. The least expensive most secure packaging option they offer is the small flat rate box ("if it fits, it ships") this will cost you $5.95 and it will be sent priority mail with tracking and insurance. We will reimburse you the shipping cost. Once you have the reciept, please visit the Check Status page on the site and enter the 22 digit tracking number.

+ How much do you make off of my gold?

We try to keep a 10% profit margin although at times we are under that depending on what the market does.

+ Do you melt the gold I send?

Yes, depending on what you send. Jewelry that is able to be resold will be however in most cases we do melt and refine gold here in house.

+ How long have you been in the buying gold business?

Over 20 years.

+ How much do you pay for shipping?

We will reimburse you up to $5.95 this is the cost of a USPS flat rate shipping box ("if it fits, it ships") This will be included in your payment. We will also reimburse insurance costs if you decide to add extra insurance.

+ How do we know when you pay us?

We provide an on-line tracker for your sale, we will also email you on delivery and payment.

+ Where do you resell jewelry?

We have a brick and mortar storefront in South Lyon MI. We offer Coins, Bullion and Jewelry. The Coin Shop

+ Do i have to claim my payment as income?

As long as the amount is under 10,000.00 the choice is yours, however if your payment is in excess of this we are required by law to send you a 1099.